My day at Work

Today I had to drive 3.5 hours for a meeting, then another half an hour to another, then turn around and drive home.  It was a long day,but I was driving a brand new Subaru Outback, a tester for our new fleet replacement, so that was kinda nice, if worrisome that someone might do damage to it whilst I was driving it.

I left home at 6.45am, in the dark, and it wasn’t until about an hour later that the sun really started to make a difference.  By then I was heading up into the Midlands, and there was still lots and lots of frost on the paddocks, so it was looking quite white.  A couple of times there were beautiful photo opportunities, but they were inthe middle of the highway, so I just had to use my mental camera, and admire the view for myself.

I did manage to get a couple, so here they are:


This doesn’t look as nice in the picture as it was in reality.  Just back a bit from this place, when I was up on a rise, it looked like an island surrounded by a lake of white clouds.


It was -2degrees Celsius here, but it was so pretty to see the sun shine through the fog and sparkle the frost.


Saw this jet trail whilst driving further up the road (thought it might have been aliens invading)


Then later another.  This one was really long, twice as much more as what is in the picture, and I could also see the remains of two others as well.  By now I am thinking it’s definitely aliens, and will I get home before they land 🙂

I had my 2 meetings, drove home, picked up D1 who has come home for the night to soak in my bath (yay), and now I am drinking a glass of wine and eating Tim Tams and telling you about my day.  – Oh, and no damage to the car, phew.

Soon it will be sleepy byes time, and the weekend tomorrow.  Hope those aliens stay away.

The Diet Wars

Go on and eat the biscuit, it’s the last one on the plate
you know you really want too, and I have to watch my weight.

I’d eat it soon as look at it, sitting there it tempts me so
so I have to use my willpower, and tell my taste buds NO.

I really wish you’d take it, it’s no use keeping one
it’s just asking to be eaten, take a bite, and have it done.

You’re sure that you don’t want it? Or another cup of tea?
you really are quite skinny, not anything like me.

It was nice to have you over, I enjoyed our little chat
oh damn, she left the biscuit, now what will I do with that?

She knows I can’t resist it, sitting smugly on its plate
a little lonely Tim Tam, oh hell, there goes my weight!

© ceenoa  23.5.2014

Question 13 – A matter of Taste

The question today was prompted by attending and afternoon tea for my Mothers 79th birthday.  There was Chocolate Birthday cake, meringue, banana muffins, cinnamon buns, scones with jam and cream, strawberry shortcake, apple cupcakes and one small plate of sandwiches.  I love sweet, but, strangely I found myself craving a pizza this afternoon instead – go figure!

If you had to choose between the taste sensations of Savoury and Sweet, which would it be?



I am a meerkat
why I’m called that I don’t know
for if I had my own choice
there’s a different title I’d bestow
upon myself and family
and relatives untold
from beginning to the here and now
from youngest to the old
there’s nothing “meer” about us
we’re sleek and cute and fine
so for better recognition
it really is the time
to call us by our proper name
– the solution is quite neat
just take away the word “meer”
and substitute with “great”

© ceenoa  23.5.2014