I don’t know how I missed the hippos,
who tromped all over me,
they must have been in stealth mode,
which is why I didn’t see.

I think they did the tango,
on my bed whilst I was asleep,
or perhaps it was a polka,
and my aches will last a week.

I’ve got the hacking cough,
of an elephant bull seal,
my head wants to explode,
or at least that’s how if feels.

I had the hot and then the cold,
I’m drinking lots of fluids,
If my body is a temple,
mine has decayed to ruins.

At least today is Friday,
so I have all the weekend,
to wallow in my misery,
before works starts again!

© ceenoa

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #7

I’ve been enjoying reading the Haiku poetry that Hugh has been writing these last few weeks, so I thought I might give it a go.
So off I went to discover from whence his inspiration came. 

The source turned out to be Ronovan, who provides two words for you to include in your Haiku for his Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge.
The words for this week were Pain and Peace.

 my pain in your peace
unheard a last breath rises
a two edged blessing