Your Choice of Pie


There’s that point, when you realise you’ve got a problem that isn’t going to fix itself, when you know you have to take responsibility, and the blame.

That’s when you think:  Why can’t it be Pumpkin or Lemon Meringue instead of Humble?

10 responses to “Your Choice of Pie”

  1. Deep stuff.
    And now I want lemon meringue pie 😉

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    1. Oh 🙂 I do have such deep thoughts 🙂


  2. Yes, definitely lemon meringue for me too.


    1. There is something very satisfying about the tang of Lemon Meringue.


  3. I agree. Now I’m craving lemon meringue.


    1. Seems to be the preferred flavour for lots of people.


  4. Great observation. I’d take pumpkin myself, but I’ve eaten my fair share of humble. :-/ Thanks for hitchhiking with us this week!


    1. Thanks Christine. Have to admit I have missed this.


  5. Goodness, I’ll have pumpkin thanks … been ages since I was here last, longer than I thought. I loved the catchup and it was a pleasure to see those pretty pearlized aqua covered glasses again. Sadly, my own clay is still in the cupboard, waiting. 😀


    1. Ah, one day, all good things come to those who wait (so I am told, but I’m very impatient). I admit that I haven’t touched my clay for months now, nor my glass or jewellery. The muse has left the vicinity and I’m waiting for her to return.


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