People think of baggage,
as something that is bad,
to be discarded soon as,
the opportunity is had.

But baggage can be useful,
for storing things you need,
to grow and learn and change from,
old life lessons you should heed.

New baggage is the hardest,
it’s lines are sharp and cruel,
painful corners on the cases,
where you’ve been played a fool.

Old baggage can be comfortable
as it fits like second skin,
especially on the corners,
where it’s been broken in.

Recognise your baggage,
whichever style it be,
you paid for all it’s excess weight,
you know nothing comes for free.

Understand the reason that you packed it,
with all the tales it tells,
save what you deem as valuable,
and leave the rest on the carousel.

© ceenoa

The Safe Side of Horrible

The Safe Side of Horrible

Oh, how I long to be nasty,
cruel, spiteful and just plain old mean,
to say all the words that are bubbling
down in the murk of my spleen.

But, no, I need to play nice,
’cause I live in fear of the trolls
I’ve heard they are awfully painful
when they get on their rampaging rolls.

So I live on the safe side of horrid,
choosing words that try not to offend,
suppressing my withering ripostes,
and trying to keep all my “friends”.

One day it will all overcome me,
the Horrid will slip out to play,
But I’m here on the Safe Side of Horrible
so gladly, it won’t be today!

© ceenoa

Thanks for the Inspiration, Marigold.

The “Anti”


I’m proud to be an “Anti”
– I don’t do Halloween –
’cause, frankly, I don’t get it,
what does it really mean?

The tatty costumes in the shops,
the cheap and tawdry “sell it” dross,
kids walking round the streets at night,
taking candy, from strangers, can never be right!

I’m proud to be an “Anti”
– I don’t do Halloween –
so if tonight you knock on my door,
you better prepare for a “horrible” scene!

© ceenoa