Words are not like Dogs

Words are not like dogs
coming when called
faithful companions and loyal friends.

Words are like cats
elusive and aloof
appearing only when they choose
demanding your attention
then leaving mid-thought.

If you do not seek their company
they will be there
chiding you for ignoring them
clamouring to be admired.

Words are not like dogs.

Question 31: Chickens and road and the crossing thereof

A sad fact of life is road kill
the sight of it makes me feel ill
but the thought that makes me worry
– even though I feel so sorry –
how do you know if the chicken crossed the road
before it was flattened by a heavy load?

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobjagendorf/3488674595/
Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobjagendorf/3488674595/

The Fuel of the World

I see them marching off to work,
encouragement clutched in hand,
their symbol of endurance grasped,
like a runner with the Olympic torch.

No dawdling gait, but at a brisk walk,
drones scurrying off to drudgery,
from plastic, cardboard, or thermos cup
sip quickly now – no time for talk.

A staple of the working day,
the fuel that runs the world,
the brown, crushed beans of sustenance,
– make mine a large latte!

© ceenoa