365 Days

Today is 365 days since my first post.  When I began I wasn’t sure how long my enthusiasm would last, but here I am, still finding it interesting.

Some numbers I thought I would check at the 1 year anniversary:

Apparently there are 305 lovely people out there that have pressed the “follow” button.
I have posted 371 times – this will be number 372!
I have written (and posted) 108 poems/verse this year – which is more than all my other life writings combined.
I have 71 posts containing approximately 724 photos.
I have participated in 2079 comments – that’s a lot of typing 🙂

 Happy 365 days to me.

An Univiting Text

I am feeling aghast, I freely confess,
to read the message you sent by text,
for when did it become considered normal,
to conduct business in a way so informal?

“Can we show your home 11am sat morning”,
arrived on my phone without any warning,
no name from whom sent, no polite courtesies,
making me feel unimpressed and less than well pleased.

To consider your fee – if the sale was successful,
measured next to your service – leaves me feeling resentful,
your “Customer Service” is not worth the commission,
so I think that the contract needs a revision.

I propose to include, in print plain and clear,
words, that to a salesman, will invoke fear,
Unless you can show some respect to me,
You can forget your huge whopping fee!

© ceenoa

A Quiet Day In Summer

I’m sitting under green cool trees,
with D1 by my side,
occasionally D2 will come out to us,
but she mostly stays inside.

We sit in shade and read our books,
the breeze gently gliding by,
eating peanut butter sandwiches,
and making contented sighs.

The dappled shade, warm summer air,
cats sleeping on the grass,
to spend time with my daughters,
is all that I would ask.

© ceenoa