An Univiting Text

I am feeling aghast, I freely confess,
to read the message you sent by text,
for when did it become considered normal,
to conduct business in a way so informal?

“Can we show your home 11am sat morning”,
arrived on my phone without any warning,
no name from whom sent, no polite courtesies,
making me feel unimpressed and less than well pleased.

To consider your fee – if the sale was successful,
measured next to your service – leaves me feeling resentful,
your “Customer Service” is not worth the commission,
so I think that the contract needs a revision.

I propose to include, in print plain and clear,
words, that to a salesman, will invoke fear,
Unless you can show some respect to me,
You can forget your huge whopping fee!

© ceenoa

4 responses to “An Univiting Text”

  1. I related to this poem and dread the process because I have to list my home soon. Such a clever subject to rhyme and you did it masterfully!

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    1. Thanks Stephanie. I hope you have better service than I do. I went with an agent I knew, and I am sooooo disappointed. Abysmal Customer Service so far.


  2. Ugh, that’s awful! How hard is it to actually call? Or just add more of an explanation? Actually, scratch that last one – text messages are only acceptable ways to organise business when you’re out bush and can only get enough sporadic reception to send texts.
    Also, bloody good poetry! As always 😉

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    1. Thanks Marigold., for your compliment.
      I agree, text messages are not for doing business. I actually do not like texting at all, and only really do it if my children are out and ask me something.

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