Random Photos – Week 23/15

Desktop Decoupage

One of several pieces  of Decoupage I completed many, many years ago.  This one is on an old school desktop, it hangs on my hall wall.

Egret on Shed Roof (2)

I had just finished putting a loose piece of tin back on the shed roof, obviously Mr Egret was waiting for the right look out.

Little Hebe (2)

Hebe “Wiri Cloud”

Sea Egg
Sea Egg

8 responses to “Random Photos – Week 23/15”

  1. Excellent images, Claudette. Love the decoupage – full of sweetness! The corner pieces add a nice touch.

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    1. Thanks Christine. I enjoyed doing it at one time, but it requires lots of time.

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      1. All those coats of polish, I know. I balked at varnishing my single effort and ended up just giving it a coat of white glue to give a gloss!

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        1. Well, I did mine with a couple of coats of resin which wasn’t so bad.

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  2. Pics great as usual! Decoupage one came out sooooo good!

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  3. What’s a sea egg, Claudette?

    That old desktop took me back to my school days, but my desk was just covered in scratches and written nonsense. I remember getting lots of splinters from it.

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    1. Sea Urchin. Yes, I had one of those too in primary school.

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