Enlightenment – A Short Paragraph Story

The Hobb-lin Fumb-lin Monks follow the path of Fro Zen. Fro Zen teaches that meditating naked in a blizzard, on a bare mountain peak, will guide you to Enlightenment.
Which it does! because after the local surgeon Mr N’Ligh Tenment removes your frostbitten fingers and toes, the radiant shine of enlightenment teaches you that it is really, really, really stupid to sit naked in a blizzard.
The path of Fro Zen believes in double reinforcement when searching for enlightenment.
(Also they own shares in a company that makes extra small shoes and fingerless gloves.)

© ceenoa

Success – A Short Paragraph Story

My success rate varies, hearts can be very hard to win. Patience is the name of the game, and I have plenty of experience with that. My evenings are spent practising skills and developing strategies, all aimed at making the ladies fall for me: the slow approach, the fancy flourish, the delicate manoeuvring, the calculated risk and finally the display of reckless abandon. Despite what you may think I am no cad, as in the end I always lay my cards on the table and admit that Solitaire is my Mistress.

Motes of the Unsaid

Like dry sand running through your fingers,
faint susurrations of thought,
ephemeral and non cohesive,
falling in motes of the unsaid,
creating a beach at my feet.

Where is the torrent, the raging waters of inspiration?
Where is the jumble and collide caused by the tides of imagination?

I am marooned in the calm empty of a shallow pool
with not even pebbles to reflect a distant sun.
I bask in the warmth of the sun,
yet search for the zephyr of air,
that will launch my ship again.

©  ceenoa