50 Annual Revolutions

the life that is I has revolved,
50 annuals –  when all years are told,
I hope that there’s more,
left in my time store,
’cause it doesn’t seem much,
when you’re on the cusp,
of the gathering run,
towards life’s setting sun,
and it seems fair to say,
that back in the day,
when I was younger,
life was much longer.

© ceenoa

On Birthdays and Blorthdays

My blog friend Jesska posted something really nice today, something for our combined important day. I’d love it if you went and checked out her blog, and maybe even left a Blogorthday URL present.

not throwing stones @ wp

Go and visit Claudette.
She’s one of my bestest blog-friends, and it’s her birthday today.

Also, my blog is 3 years old.

And it was my birthday on Friday.


Everything points to having a Blorthday Party.

I’m not really sure how Blorthday Parties work, so you’ll have to help me out. All ideas welcome (although I reserve the right to declare them ridiculous as I see fit…).

As a start, I suggest you post me a blog url you think I might like, before heading off to see Claudette.

If it’s YOUR birthday too, tell us so. It won’t necessarily make anything happen, but at least we’ll know 😉

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Random Photos – Week 46/15

I realised yesterday morning as I though about this weeks post that I had fallen into a rut – a rut of beauty!  Beautiful flowers mostly.  So this week I decided to push out of my comfort zone and show photos of things that I don’t think are intrinsically beautiful.  I have to say I am really happy with most of them, happy that when I looked closer I found something beautiful in each photo.  What do you think?