Photo Poetry Matchup

Karen from days and months has kindly offered me the use one of her gorgeous photos as inspiration for a poem, and this is how it all happened.

Earlier this week I saw Karen’s post come through my feeder that showcased a poem written by Lillian The Home Poet inspired by the photo Karen had taken at Port Arthur.  I thought it was a lovely match and left a comment on Karen’s blog.  She then blew me out of the water by offering me a photo too, as she said I had made her appreciate poetry more and more.  I was gobsmacked, because Karen takes gorgeous photos, and here she was offering one to me to write about.  Needless to say, I accepted with alacrity, in case she changed her mind.

As I said, Karen’s photos are beautiful, all of them, but the one that immediately sprang to mind was a photo from this post: OWPC Foggy.  I’m not sure why it had such an impact on me, as the subject matter is not one of my usual likes, but it did, so all credit to Karen’s photography skills.

“Tractors in the Mist” – Credit: Karen Gosper,

I was the owners pride and joy,
the day he brought me home,
my paintwork gleamed, bright and pristine,
and so began our partnership,
a man and his machine.

We toiled hard down through the years,
in wind and rain and frost and sun,
making a living from the land,
from dawns clear sky till days end done,
a man and his machine.

We saw the drought, we saw the floods,
we worked in dust, and slogged through mud,
the hard years took their toll on us,
but still we carried on,
a man and his machine.

One day he didn’t come for me,
I was left shut in the shed,
my oil dried, my engine seized
cobwebbed draped, they all they forgot,
a man and his machine.

Years passed without knowing,
my tyres flat on the floor,
then the doors were opened,
and in dust-moted light I saw
a man and his machine.

They brought me to the paddock,
where I now finally rest,
on soil we worked to cultivate
through our years of partnership,
a man and his machine.

In the pale dawn mist of morning,
when the light just touches the hills,
I hear familiar footsteps pass
and his hand upon my wheel
and the dew that sparkles on the grass
cannot compare to tractor dreams
of all the years that used to be
a man and his machine.

© ceenoa

16 responses to “Photo Poetry Matchup”

  1. I loved the back story to this but mostly I love the words you have put to the picture. Perfect and very touching …. poignant actually which given that it’s a picture of tractors is a testimony to both you and the photographer. I bow and say chapeau 🙂

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    1. Yes, the photo caught something in my heart, and poignant is the right word to use for those thoughts. Thank you so much for your very kind compliment, I greatly appreciate it (especially as I wasn’t sure that what I was trying to say would come across like that).

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  2. Caught the vision completely with your words applied to Karen’s picture, so thanks! Made me think of old horses turned out to grass and their maybe feeling lost and useless, and then someone coming to appreciate that they were still beautiful. {maybe that happens with some of us “older” people too!}

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    1. That’s my thoughts too. Claudette made the tractor come alive to me and found someone to love it again.

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    2. It surely does, and you will always be beautiful to me Mum (and certainly not useless).

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  3. Oh Claudette wonderful, simply wonderful. I was hoping it was that picture that you chose. I’ve just read your poem and had a tear thinking about the tractor toiling through the years with its owner then left abandoned until someone came along to love it again. Made me think of Chris and his love of tractors. He read the poem and really liked it as well. Thanks for putting a story and so much feeling into my photograph! Anytime you feel the urge please do it again. It’s absolutely fantastic! !! 😊

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    1. Thanks Karen, I’m glad it got across just what I was thinking, and I admit I had some thoughts about Chris is the back of my mind re rescuing tractors. I’m still not completely happy with the flow of it (I tinkered a little with it after I had the main idea) and I really like the last verse the best, but all in all I think it worked. So glad you feel happy about it. And yes, I think things we use/work with have links to our essence and last for much longer than many people think.

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  4. Wonderful photo and wonderful poem. I enjoyed them both and will now peruse more of both your work. I often read Claudette’
    s poems and musings and love her photos as well but Karen’s photos are new to me so will trundle off and check them out.

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    1. Thanks Lindy. I think you will like Karen’s photos, she take lots of water scenery which should appeal to you.


  5. Reblogged this on daysandmonths and commented:
    I had the honour of having one of my pictures turned into a poem by Claudette from To Search and to Find. I have always admired Claudette and her poems. She is one person that can say so much with the least words, there is so much power to them.

    She made a comment one day about one of my tractor photos and after having Lillian the Home Poet do a poem from one of my Port Arthur photos, we got to talking and I asked if she wanted to use the photo for a poem. I am so glad she did, I actually had a tear in my eye as I thought of the old tractors as older humans toiling away then left and forgotten. Please read on and check out her other poetry as well. She also takes lovely photos of her area in Tasmania.

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  6. How very special! Loved the photo, which I hadn’t seen, and the poem as well. Great collaboration!

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    1. Thanks Tine, I had a fun time writing something to match with the feelings Karen’s photo caused in me.


  7. Claudette, your words evoke such emotion on the back of Karen’s photo. Love it.

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    1. Many thanks Ruth for your lovely words of support.

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  8. Loved this poem.

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    1. Thanks, it was a fun experience doing it, and I was very honoured to be trusted with Karen’s photo.


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