Moments of the Month – May 2016

Lots of Flowers this month – it’s been quite this month.  Here’s what I love about these photos.


Peace Heart

Peek-a-Boo Heart, soft colours

Cobwebbed Paddock (4)

Weird Phenomenon – Cobwebs everywhere – looking fairy-like in the morning dew

Daisy (2)

Happy Colours, the purple seems to pulse out from the blue

Robin Redbreast (2)

Robin Red Breast – searching diligently for Breakfast – I love how they flit hither and yon

Frosty May (1)

My favourite photo of the year so far.  Cool, cool colours with a quite splash of frosty red


Snap me if you can – loving the colour and the closeup


Surreal – the colour again, and the out of focus areas highlighting the stamen arch

18 responses to “Moments of the Month – May 2016”

  1. I have a HUGE phobia when it comes to arachnids, so the web picture kinda freaks me out. It’s like those trees in India which are completely covered in them. Yet there’s wispy, Gothic feel to that picture, like the sweeping moors in Wuthering Heights.
    The standout photos for me is the flower with the yellow petals, which practically leaps off the page with it’s vivid colours, and the lovely pic of frosty red which reminds me of Christmas.

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    1. I’m with you on not oveing spiders. Weirdly, when they are outside they don’t freak me out so much. I have huge black monsters living in my shed – I just ignore them. However, if they venture inside they will get whacked. It is a bit freaky to thik of how many spiders would have had to be busy to make that many webs. I’m thinking they must have been the ones the spawn and float on the air (like in Charlottes web) – so obviously they are teeny tiny and cute !!!!!
      Yep, that daisy is a knockout.

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      1. Cute and spiders are not two words that I would combine in a sentence. Outside I can deal with them. Inside? Well they better prepare to me thy doom.
        The covered trees in India look like candy floss laden greenery and like you say, are from spawns. Still, that’s a whole lot of heebie jeebies right there.

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        1. Yep, heebie jeebies do go with spiders 🙂

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  2. I feel an obsession coming on. Its a Robin obsession (not Hood I hasten to add) – here they are about double the size of the English ones and more linear less round and the colour is darker except for the breast that therefore seems more orange. Yours are more defined in colour and shape … this is something I need to research more. Thank you for these glorious pictures – you have a gift.

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    1. Perhaps they are not really robins (officially) but that is what I have always know then as. Think they may actually be called Fairy Wrens, but not sure. Love to see some of yours if you have pics.
      Thanks for your very kind words about my photography skills Osyth.

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      1. I have been photographing birds recently and vaguely thought I would post some …. So I will!

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        1. Oh, please do. They really are interesting creatures when you look closely at them.

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          1. I have a lifelong phobia of birds …. I can’t touch or have them flying around me – but I love to look at them. Since being here, we went on an accompanied birding walk and I am totally hooked … It’s focussed me on their sounds and habits and you are so right they are fascinating (as were the birders!)

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            1. My Mum also doesn’t like birds fluttering around her.

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  3. That last pic took my breath away, as did the daisy! if that’s your new camera WOW for colour and clarity and close up!

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    1. Yep – new camera – pretty happy with it 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. As always, some lovely photos here, Claudette.

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    1. Thanks Ruth, appreciate your support.

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  5. Wow — those spiders were having some kind of massive party going on there! Never seen anything like it!
    Lovely photos, by the way. 🙂

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    1. Thanks CJ. It was a huge party apparently 🙂

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  6. These are gorgeous, Claudette. The last photo reminds me of a pantone catalog.

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    1. Thanks Nate. I did really like that one too, not technically good (my photos don’t go in for that) but it has something that appealed to me strongly.


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