My Secret Vice is Neat Freakiness – or why I have to sweep the floor when my Mother phones!

Found this little gem from way back in March 2014, my second month of blogging, and it still holds true today. As of this date I haven’t succumbed to collecting rubber frogs, so I may be doing ok.


I don’t really know when I became a “neat freak” (to save my fingers I’m just going to type NF).  Perhaps it was at a time that other areas of my life were not “neat”, or maybe it was just something that gradually evolved. All I know is that it brings a deep satisfaction to me if things are “neat”, ordered, organised, tidy, nicely structured, neat,neat,neat.  My NFedness helps me when things are a bit out of control in other areas, it lets me find stress-relief through tidying the pantry, auditing the cupboards, straightening the bookshelf and just generally having a NF moment or two.

I know I didn’t inherit it from my MOAA (mother of advanced age), as my MOAA is a “Clean Freak”, or CF – (I love you Mum!).  This is a woman who cleans all her windows each week, (I only do mine about once a…

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Happiness is kind words from a friend .....

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