Moments of the Month – December 2016

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know that I like taking photos of flowers and small scenery!  Each of these photos have a natural beauty that speaks to me, the colours, the forms, the subject. This is what makes me happy, and although the technical mechanics of the photos may not be right I still get the essence of what my eye saw, and I’m learning to love my imperfections in photography.

Diminishing Pringles

img_20161221_201157Oh lovely little Pringles,
with your shape that fits my mouth,
it’s sad that they’ve diminished you,
and given me less to taste.

Why did they need to change you?
you were perfect as you were,
but your makers thought of money,
and sadly didn’t care,
that your value had degraded,
with your newly shrunken size,
so now when I find the bigger you,
I am filled with quiet surprise.

So thanks to my local reject shop,
today my desire has been sated,
and I have happily munched and crunched
on the shape you were originally created.

© ceenoa

A Poem about Nothing

This is a poem about nothing,
’cause nothing is what’s in my head,
I really wanted to write something,
but my brainwaves all seem to be dead.

The empty is rattling loudly,
the dust bunnies dancing around,
it’s making the Nullarbour Desert,
look like flourishing ground.

But I shan’t be dissuaded,
from making a blog post today,
so I’ll just write about nothing,
in my own unique silly way.

© ceenoa

I need Help – Reblogging question

Help … I’m trying to reblog one of my posts from my separate business blog, and not being able to work it out.

  • When I sign in to this blog (Ceenoa) and open the post in my reader I can see the Reblog button at the end of the post, BUT it only offers to reblog it on that blog (A Handful of Time) which I am NOT signed in too  – what is with that!?
  • My two blogs are totally separate: different sites,  domains and sign-ins, they have nothing in common except they are both on the platform.
  • I physically cannot be signed in to both blogs at the same time – won’t let me (at least I haven’t been able to do it up till now, if it can be done that would be good to know too).
  • If anyone has an answer to this I would really love to know it.

Why am I trying to reblog?  Well, because I need some followers on my A Handful of Time blog to help my digital business presence get out there. Apparently I need to get better SEO things going, and that only happens if people are reading or looking at my digital sites.  Since I only have 4 followers on A Handful of Time I don’t think the traffic to my blog is creating even a micro-nano-infintesimal shadow of a footstep in the internet.

The internet is a vast, vast ocean, and my business is only a teeny, tiny microbe of plankton (located in a very small part of the physical world) being swallowed by the gulping maw of the social media whale. I appreciate any help I can get in spreading my tiny ripples a bit wider, and I promise to try and write about things that won’t bore you as much as paint drying on a wall (note I did say TRY).

Any help, suggestions of friendly banter gratefully accepted.