Fun with Alcohol …. Inks

Alcohol is good for your brain – well, when it’s mixed with ink and splashed on paper, or china, or glass, or metal, or something I haven’t thought of yet!

Yep. I took the plunge and made my own Alcohol Inks this week, started with 4 colours and then made another 5 yesterday.

Having a fantastic, creative, good time – except for when I breathe it in – then the fumes make my head spin 🙂

Now I’m just wildly looking around my house for the next thing I can splash/spray/dab it on.  Think a visit to the op shop is in order, surely I must need more glasses and cups and mugs and jugs and…oooh ….. squillions of things to put it on!

P.S.  If you move back about 3 feet from the computer, can you see the little gnomey/monster in the mid right of the photo frame?

No … okay, maybe the alcohol HAS gotten to me 🙂

(Hint:  focus on the 2 large white spaces, the third space in between is his/her nose and there is a star on their forehead under their reddish hair).



I am a  squishy slug
on the barrow of your life,
you picked me up and flicked me
which wasn’t really nice.
I agree that I do not
have much to offer you,
yet still I have a purpose
just as you do too.
In case you might be wondering
what purpose that might be,
it’s to leave the silver slime trails
that appear haphazardly.
There is a secret message
if you learn to read them right,
in simple terms it reads
you should respect my life!

© ceenoa