“On This Day” Repost – The Ginger Jar

Facebook has one good feature, (don’t get me started on how many BAD features it has), in that it gives you the “blast from the past” in it’s “On This Day” feature.  I enjoy seeing what I was posting years ago, and today this little poem caught my eye and I found myself thinking “that’s not too shabby”.

So, here’s a little something I posted on 21 March 2014.

The Ginger Jar

It wasn’t where I left it,
I’d looked on every shelf,
“I would swear, I left it there”,
I muttered to myself.

It wasn’t in the cupboard,
I only found a sock,
it wasn’t in the garden
buried underneath the rocks.

I looked under the table,
but I couldn’t see it there,
I even took the cushions off
each and every chair.

“Where could you be?”, I said to me
– it didn’t answer back,
and just “because”, I had a look
inside the old spice rack.

It was nestled at the bottom
of the musty ginger jar,
I tipped it out, then dropped it,
but it didn’t roll too far.

I picked it up and held it,
and told it what I thought,
that I’d be lost without it,
and my days be without worth.

I twisted it and pushed it,
put it back where it belonged,
for a day without some humour
is a day that is too long.

© Ceenoa

Brian Lageose – This is Your Award

A while back (February, to be precise) I promised Brian an Award.  It has been niggling away at me ever since, and since I like to do what I say I will (well, mostly anyway – actually, sometimes I like to not do what I say I will, with conviction) I have finally got around to organising the award.

Why did I promise Brian an Award?  Well, he very kindly feature me in a Blogger spotlight and said quite lovely things about me and my little blog.  I was chuffed.  In fact my chuffiness led me to the following comment:

Oh Brian – you say such lovely things. I am deeply chuffed at how you described me, and my blog, and deep chuffiness does not happen often in my life. Thanks so, so much for your delightful words. I hereby endow you with the (never-before-gifted) Bonza True-Blue Dinky-Di Mateship Award – long may your words echo in the world.

I may have further mentioned that I was going to send the BTBDDMA to him in a Herc, as it was a rather large award indeed (ok, I didn’t use the word rather, but I’m trying to be polite here).

However, due to the serious nature of politics and the economy the RAAF kindly declined my request.  (They were using it to shuffle the PM and his Cabinet to a picnic somewhere or other – see, Politics (note the capital P) is a dangerous game, and as they keep telling us, we all have to tighten our belts – so they took the Herc instead of separate taxis and saved the taxpayers a bundle!).  This being the case I now have no option but to send the BTBDDMA virtually to him by internet.

Being a bit unsure as to what would interest him, I settled on drink and food.  I mean, you can’t go wrong with that, can you?  So, here you go Brian, hope you like wine and lobster.  (I also hope you don’t have an allergy to fermented grapes and/or seafood). I’m thinking you may need to invite some friends over to help you consume it, ’cause I’m not sure you will be able to get them in your fridge.

Dearest Brian , have a happy and well deserved BTBDDMA.  Your posts always cheer me up and make me laugh, and I look forward to your wit and sark sprinkling my reader with glittery happiness for a very, very long time to come.

If you haven’t read Brians’ Blog, do yourself a favour and go and check it out.  He has so much wonderful content that there just has to be something there you will enjoy.

P.S.  While I was looking for the BTBDDMA for Brian, I stumbled across the weirdness that is “Big Icons in Australia” – if you like weird too, you can check them out from where I pinched these photos from – Photo Source

P.P.S  I don’t normally pinch photos from the internet, but being as I don’t travel I didn’t have any of my own weirdness to share.  Oh, except this one from 2008 (the weirdness is the Platypus – not my kids):

Big Platypus

Hey, Brian, maybe you can put the platypus in your bathtub – then Scotch would have someone to play with all day.


Bored – A piece of Wednesday Whimsy

Perhaps I should apologise in advance for the following …..hey, I was bored!

I know I not supposed to say it,
but sometimes I get bored,
and really, when you think about it,
it is a stupid, phonetic, sounding word.

Am I a board, a piece of holey wood,
that’s been nibbled on by borers?
Or have I been stuck, by razor sharp tusks,
of a pig, eg., bored by a boar?

The boar who was bored,
of his forest in the wood,
thought that if he had a board
he could build a bed,
to sleep on at night,
but he couldn’t find one,
under all of his trees,
and his boredom grew,
so when he saw me,
he thought he’d give me a chase,
then he caught me and bored me,
and quite liked the taste,
“This boring is good”,
thought the boar to himself,
but if he’d have asked me,
I’d have said I wasn’t impressed!

© ceenoa

The Universe Provides

I was wondering what I was going to post tonight, and though maybe some photos of skies.  I started flicking through my photos when I happened to glance out the window behind me and saw this stunning cloud formation- The Universe provided just what I wanted.

I haven’t edited any of these photos, they are just as my 2 cameras took them (however, I will say that the cameras did photograph them slightly differently, so I have combined them into a better colour progression).  – Artistic interpretation and all that jazz!