If you went down to the woods today

If you went down to the woods today,
did you walk in sunshine or stand in the shadow?
If you went down to the woods today,
did you dance in the leaves or recline in the wallow?
If you went down to the woods today,
  did you walk on the wide or step on the narrow?
If you went down to the woods today,
will you go back again tomorrow?

© ceenoa

Autumn Leaves (2)

Bunny Leavings

IMG_20170416_170532The little fluffy bunnies,
have now all skipped away,
and left behind their leavings,
their eggs, on Easter Day.

I cannot understand it,
how bunnies can lay eggs,
especially with shells that shine,
in colours: blue, green, gold and red.

And when you crack them open,
instead of yellow yoke,
they are all sadly empty,
is this some kind of joke?

But still I’ll eat these empty eggs
I can’t let them go to waste
’cause even if they’re hollow
I love the chocolate taste.

© ceenoa

“On this Day” Repost – Getting away with Murder!

I am enjoying my little Facebook “on This Day” reminders – seems I was pretty prolific in April three years ago (I was doing the Zero to Hero blogging course too). Anyway, this one came up today, and it still amuses me because ….well, you will see if you read on.  The original post is here.


Yesterday I committed a good deed, I committed a murder!

I committed a murder, in mitigation I state that there was no particular malice aforethought, but there was a tiny bit of premeditation before the hit.

My kind heart forced me in to it, because no matter how many people they asked, no-one else would assist the ladies who stood quivering and squealing on the petrol station driveway.  Being too afraid to kill him themselves, they had abandoned their car to the victim.

So, yes, I killed him.  I hit him so hard that he was reduced to a pile of gooey smear on the cement.  I trod on his corpse.  I whacked him again for good measure, said “Not a problem” to the ladies, and walked off to my car.  My conscience did not pain me at all, and the ladies I did this good deed for were exceptionally happy, got in their car and drove off, leaving the body behind.

I say this with no pleasure, but if you need a hit and a whack, a murder in fact, I can sometimes be counted on the do the business –  but only if the victim has 8 legs!

p.s  No photos were taken in the course of this post – that would be just gross.


This amuses me because I have had a life long intense dislike of spiders, particularly Huntsman, and yet I had no qualms about helping these ladies out.  I guess when I became a Mother I changed, as someone had to kill the spiders, and it wasn’t going to be my children!


Mum (She with the Shaved Head) says “Thanks”

from heart to head

In the past two days I have received sponsorship from unknown people for the  Leukaemia Foundation Shave that I have just participated in.

It doesn’t take much brain work to know that my dear daughter Claudette is behind this and that this is the “surprise” that I was forbidden to read about on her blog.

I am very grateful to her for whatever scheme she has concocted among her peer group bloggers, and I would like her to pass my gratitude on to Brian and Ian for their generosity. I truly appreciate it! When strangers offer support it’s a big lift of heart to me.

Many people have helped me in this fund raising effort and everyone has my thanks for what they have done. “One can do a little, but many ones can do much”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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What is it like?

What is it like,
to live inside your heart,
with one way walls,
so you see out
but I can’t see in?

I’ve visited once or twice,
but I never saw
anything of you,
you were all packed away.

One day I will surprise you,
with your self all scattered round,
and find out who you really are.

I wrote this poem about 34 years ago, at the grand old age of 17.  I still like it today.

Guilt leads to Baldness …really!

I’ve been feeling guilty that I didn’t take part in The Worlds’ Greatest Shave this year.  When I was having afternoon tea with Mum yesterday, she mentioned that she has nearly raised $9000 dollars in donations for the Leukaemia Fondation.  What an absolutely fantastic effort.  She even dyed her hair green the week before she shaved it off (the first time she has ever had dyed hair in 81.5 years).

{Mum, if you are reading this – STOP NOW – you’ll spoil the surprise}

After talking to her Guilt nudged me in the ribs, rather sharply I must say … again.

When I got home this afternoon I made an on the spot decision to shave all my hair off (plus, as I was having a bad hair day with a little sticky-up-bit on top of my head, it was so satisfying to say “take that hair!” as I shaved it all off).  Yes, I’m a bit extreme sometimes.  🙂

As I said:  Guilt leads to Baldness.  True story!

So, if you feel moved by my impetuous action, and/or wish to assuage my guilt at not participating in the first place, please donate to my Mums’ page since I don’t have one of my own this year.  I also like the idea that random people she doesn’t know might suddenly start donating to her  – I’m not telling her I’ve done this just yet.

So, if you feel kindly disposed Mum’s donation page can be reached by clicking on this link: https://secure.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/…/FundraisingPage…