I am a little Orchid

I am a little orchid,
and I feel a little awkward,
'cause I know I should look pretty,
but I think that term's a little iffy,
'cause i'm kinda spiderlike!

Australian Native “Common Bird” Orchid – Chiloglottis Valida

8 responses to “I am a little Orchid”

  1. Oh dear,anyone might feel spidery with a name like that!
    Little orchid don’t feel frazzly,
    Cause you really are quite dazzly.

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    1. haha – thanks 🙂


  2. What an incredible photo!

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  3. What a common name for such an uncommon beauty. Lovely pic, Claudette!

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    1. Thanks Christi, yes botanical names sometimes leave you with a feeling of cotton wool in your mouth i think.

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  4. Such mildly eerie but beautiful shots, much like deep poetry…

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    1. You are always kind to me – and I am dreadfully late in acknowledging it.

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