Last Day of Summer

So here in sunny Taswegia, it’s the last day of summer.  Took a picture of the sun rising over the hills this morning at about 7am.

last morning of summer

I don’t mind being up at 6.15am, to get D2 ready for the 7am bus to college, it’s “getting” up, out of bed, that I don’t like!

Off to work, driving beside the beautiful river for 20 minutes isn’t a hardship either, actually stopped and took some photos this morning, it really is beautiful and most times I just don’t notice it because I’m in going to work mode.

boat on the huon (1)driving

Actually, this is a picture of me coming home after work – taken whilst I waited at the roadworks.

Off on another type of search tomorrow – the Op Shop Crawl.  I love Op Shops, and I have indoctrinated D1 and D2 from an early age to appreciate the thrill of the search, the joy of the find, and best of all, the money left over after the buy!

thanks for listening

One response to “Last Day of Summer”

  1. op shops yes! river photos yes! work noooooo!


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