Handbags and Pelicans

I have to admit to a bit of a thing for little handbags, and my all-time favourite at this moment is this one my sister made for me:Image

Even though it looks little it can hold all the things I like to carry with me: purse, mini moisturiser, roll up travel shopping bag, pen, pad, mobile phone, office keys, house keys, hanky, mini manicure set, small tin of mints – on top of this I usually stick some fruit in for my lunch when I’m at work.  Bit like “The Tardis” really, (for those that don’t know Dr Who) it’s much bigger on the inside than it looks.

For more fabulous bags that my sister makes, check out her etsy shop, here, my current favourites are these:

Hand Bag by lindywhittonstudio
Hand Bag by lindywhittonstudio on etsy
Handbag Favourite #2
Handbag by linywhittonstudio on etsy

So, what do handbags have to do with pelicans?  Glad you asked.  As I drive to work each day I pass the spot on the river where pelicans sit on their log and do whatever it is that pelicans do.  Over the years the little pelican posse has increased, so that now there are 4 pelicans sharing the log on the river.  So my thought processes went something like this:  Pelicans = big beaks = like having a built in handbag = blog about my favourite handbag today.  Ta Dah ….fascinating ain’t it?!

Just because you stuck around long enough to get here – your reward is the picture of said pelican posse.


thanks for listening

2 responses to “Handbags and Pelicans”

  1. Great pic of the pelicans 🙂


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