Computer Shooting, or how NOT to shoot the computer!

This week has been a week of computer issues, mostly minor, that have taken up a lot of my time.  I have been setting up my new laptop and coming to grips with Windows 8.1, the layout is especially tormenting, because I keep having to stop and wonder where things are, which seems to take a lot of my time. 

Earlier in the week it was getting Money onto this machine so I could keep all my finances rolling over, and not have to start all over again.  After lots of hair-pulling frustration I finally got it on (just had to move the old file OUT of one folder and put it into My Documents folder and click on it, and voila, open sesame, why it would work from that folder and not another storage folder I do not know, but I’ll take the outcome thank you very much).  Thank goodness for Google and Forums that you can trawl through to find advice.

Today I finally got my last piece of hardware installed, my trusty old Canon Scanner, which took some mucking around to manually install old drivers, but got there in the end. This scanner has been with me for many years, it has been dropped, pulled apart, thrown in the rubbish bin, pulled out of the rubbish bin, put back together again, and it still works fine.  What’s all this built in redundancy rubbish!

Today I also re-arranged the computer desk, from one side of the room to the other, just to get a whole new fresh perspective on life!

Hope your week has been kind.

thanks for listening




Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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