Today has been

today has been an off day
think it rained on my parade
even wrapped up in my blanket
still feel like I’m soaking wet

so I wandered to the pantry
to find what I couldn’t see
I thought food might make me happy
but I’m still feeling just as crabby

so I’m tapping at the keyboard
’cause by now I’m just plain board
and I’m feeling pretty gloomy
some might even say I’m loony

as the light has all absconded
– and the dark I am not fond of
this day is done and so am I
it’s off to bed, I yawn, I sigh

as I laid me down to sleep
a thought crawled in I’m going to keep
– it’s just like Scarlett used to say
tomorrow is another day

© C Woolley 2014

Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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