Weekly Random Photos

ImageAutumn Colour 1

ImageAutumn Colour 2

ImageBranch Silhouette




ImageHebe and insect


ImageHebe and Bumblebee

ImageSleeping Beauty


ImageSleeping Beauty 2


view from Lower LongleyView from Lower Longley back to Huon Valley

12 responses to “Weekly Random Photos”

  1. Ow wow!!! They are glorious!! I shall counter attack with a frog!! You have been warned!! :p


    1. I’m looking forward to that


  2. Wow! Beautiful pictures! Where are those taken? Just near where you live?


    1. Yes, they are all taken within a 30minute drive, some of them in my garden.


      1. Wow! It must have been nice there. 🙂


  3. Really gorgeous photos. My favourite is the Autumn tree. I just love Autumn with all its colours. We are so lucky to have it in the UK, as many countries never see anything like this during their Autumn.


    1. Here in the south of Tassie we are just getting into the cool, frosty mornings of Autumn now.


  4. Tulip tree leaves is so vibrant in fall!


    1. they are indeed. I think they were even a little bit brighter in reality too.


  5. Wow. Amazing photos.


    1. Thank you. I like them (obviously), Autumn is a nice time for colour here.


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