Zero to Hero Day – Day 16: Prompting the Muse

Blogging101, Day 16, assignment is to write something using the WordPress Daily Prompt:  Ring of Fire

Immediately Johnny Cash springs to mind.  My Dad used to sing, it’s one of my earliest and lest likely to disappear memories.  If i just close my eyes I can hear him now,

I fell into a burning ring of fire

I fell down, down, down

and the flames burned higher

My Dad could play any musical instrument, the piano, the guitar, the piano accordion, he played them by ear and he sang.  A lovely, deep, full of timbre voice.  He sang all the time, and for me as a child, to just listen was pure bliss.  Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, John Denver and a whole heap of others that now escape my memory.

So “Ring of Fire” is forever my Dad singing.


14 responses to “Zero to Hero Day – Day 16: Prompting the Muse”

  1. Your dad’s so coool!


    1. He certainly was. He died way back in 1983 sadly. How is your Dad going after his op?


      1. How old were you back then? He’s fine but he has to always bow down his head for three weeks because of the special implanted in his eye…


        1. I was 17 when he died. Glad to hear your Dad is doing ok.


          1. Aww. You were still young. 😦


  2. My dad wasn’t cool. At best, he was luke warm. But he did the funniest rendition of Lee Marvin’s Wandering Star!!


  3. I think that this is a wonderful sentiment to your father 🙂


  4. That brings back bittersweet memories for me, too. My dad loved playing guitar. He had an affinity for Willie Nelson songs. His favorite was “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain.” It still makes me sad because he passed on in 1984 on St.Patrick’s Day. I was only 13 at the time and I turned 14 the very next month. To this day, I don’t remember what I got or what my birthday cake looked like.


    1. Yeah, Willie was a favourite of my Dad too. Music gets linked to lots of emotions, I guess that is why we treasure it so much. My Dad died when he was 51, my husband died at 42, I’m hoping it doesn’t continue into the 3rd generation at it’s current pace.


  5. Hello! I’m a fellow zerotohero blogger and found your post while working on today’s assignment. I like how you let your answer to the daily prompt connect to something true within you – the story of your dad – rather than sticking within the literal confines of the question. It sounds like you had a sweet relationship with your dad and his music. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m not much for the “rules”, and it was a true connection to those words that sent me off. Spicy food is not my thing. Just goes to show that the power of words is in how we receive them.

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  6. What a beautiful memory. I adore music and it is part of my everyday existence in some way or other. Unfortunately I have not yet learnt an instrument (though I would love to) so I sing… a lot 🙂 It probably drives some people mad, but it makes me happy and I always strive to be my happiest self 🙂


    1. My mother, who cannot hold a tune, says “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”. Think that works well for her. I used to sing, a fair bit, now, not so much. Not sure when that stopped.


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