Zero to Hero Day 24 – Bringing in the Flock (Roundup)


Oh boy, knew there would be a catch with this blogging thing.  Now they want me to pick a few of the great moments/blogs/posts that I have read for our assignment for Day 24.  ARE THEY SERIOUS?  (Yes, this is a shouting matter.)  I can’t pick and choose from all the fantastic blogs/people behind the blogs, that I like, the great posts, the writing, the stories, the photos, the laughs – oh, the laughs.  Why would I even want to try, because I know that I will certainly forget someone and that will lead to unhappiness, and this blog is about being happy, so that is my rationale behind NOT doing a roundup.

ALSO, “Roundup” is actually a weedkiller here, so basically you, dear Melissa W, are asking me to kill what I love!

Roundup also has connotations of bringing in the flock so that they can be

A: sent off to market,

b: branded, tagged, dipped, de-testiculated (if they are male – ouch), hoof trimmed, inoculated, and any other not-so-nice thing we might wish to do once we have got them where we want them,

c: parents separated from off-spring (so either said parent or off=spring can have the aforesaid A: thing done to them).

So, in general, “roundup” is not a thing I’m wishing to inflict upon my blogger friends.

These are my excuses, and I proffer them in good faith, take them as you will.

Okay, okay, I will limit myself to just a few, but I’m not “rounding them up” you understand!  OK! – roundup bad – liking good.

(Gosh this is hard)

Um, she put me LAST on her list, so I’m putting her FIRST (seems fair to me).  If you to know who makes me laugh, have a look here for Nikky who hooked me from the first blog post that I read.  Why?, because she was funny and her last paragraph grabbed me round my marshmallow emotions and tried to strangle me.  After that, of course, I discovered she was completely wacko, but I LOVE IT.  Now I’m pretty sure that she is my “second head”, the one all Taswegians are supposed to have.  How she ever got over to Gibraltar I do not know, but someday I may have to go and find her and bring her home to my green valley.

Kaz, for being a fellow Aussie and for her amazing photography.  Also she gave me the recipe for this fabulous cocktail.  But most recently, for going the extra mile and finding the lyrics to a video post she put up, when I commented that I couldn’t hear what he was saying.  What more could you ask?

Christin, whose blog title and tagline says it all.  How could I not follow, after I read the first post I found of hers?

Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy.  If you haven’t found it yet, go there!  I read in morbid fascination, and laugh with insane disbelief, about all the things that happen to this girl.

The Chocolate Teapot, for he humour and her great drawings, especially Steve the Unicorn.

Kat at Dandelion Fuzz, for being brave enough to share her journey, and her incredible love for her family.

Charity for this great post

Hugh for his admission that dyslexia is his monster (my Husband was slightly dyslexic), and this video post.

All my fellow 101bloggers …

(see this is why I didn’t want to do this, I’m following 43 blogs at the moment, and really it should be more but I just don’t have the time)

… that are determined to “give it a go”, all the people who have liked, and commented on my posts, or even just looked and went away and maybe thought, or didn’t, about what they had seen.

Consider this NOT a round up, just the tip of the iceberg, there is more, sooooo much more, waiting under the surface.

6 responses to “Zero to Hero Day 24 – Bringing in the Flock (Roundup)”

  1. Wow thanks Claudette, I’m honoured. BTW have you tried that drink yet? I’m not sure how to approach this assignment but you have done marvellously and echoed my worries about who might miss out etc so thought of doing something completely different to avoid such situation. Well done!


    1. thansk Kaz, was going to try it tonight, but forgot to stop and get the makings. Having to make do with schnapps in a shot glass at the moment. Thinking Mothers Day looks like a good day to try it 🙂
      Yes, this was really hard, and I KNOW I’ve left off people I really shouldn’t have.


  2. You was last because you is the best!! That’s it, I am defo putting Tasmania on that list!! Thank you, your Mad Snailness, I am glad you enjoy, and I am delighted to have found you!! Will regale you with the tale of how I ended up on a rock in a while!! <:D


    1. Oh, am looking forward to that. You may cal me Your Mad Snailness for short (actually it’s longer, but what the hell) 😀


  3. Here I am blushing again Claudette, having been mentioned again for this assignment. Thank you so much for the mention, I am really honoured to be a part of one of your posts. I’m struggling with this assignment at the moment because there is just so many people to mention and I don’t want to miss anybody out! Bear with me on this, it will be posted before this course finishes. Oh, and thank you for giving us such a wonderful varied blog. I just love your photo’s, poems and writing and never know what is going to come next. If you put it all in a book, it would be a best seller and I’d want a signed copy please 🙂


    1. Just made a big comment, and accidentally hit the scroll button of the page underneath and lost it all. aaargh.
      Basically, to recap, thanks, thanks, thanks for your kind compliments. This was a hard assignment because I had to leave people out, or just include my blogroll!
      No book for me, brain only works in short bursts, but nice to now your on the wait list 🙂
      My content is what amuses me/makes me happy, so it is nice to be reassured that others find it interesting too. It’s the weekend here, hope yours is gong to be good.


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