Words on the Breeze


3 responses to “Words on the Breeze”

  1. I does love your poems!! Well done you for completing the 101 course, well done me for gaining a deelish friend!! Does my question have to be a teensy bit answerable?!! Cos I have one in my head!! Are you in on Meredith’s idea? 😀


    1. Your question DOES not have to be answerable, the whole Idea of my blog is just about asking the questions. If you want to provide some answers I can put them in as a poll, as I have done for the other ones on the blog. The sillier the better.
      I did tell Meredith I wold be in on her idea.
      Congrats back to you on completion also, 🙂


      1. Heheheh!! Never ask Daftbitchwitch to be silly!!! :))


Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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