Writing 101 – Day 3: Meaningful Music

The assignment for today from Writing 101, write about the 3 most meaningful songs in your life.

Hmmm, of all the music, in all the world, you want me to choose just 3 to represent my life?   I’ve been thinking about this all day, running songs through my mind, loving them all for one reason or another, but still not able to choose just 3.  Sitting here typing I’m going to have to stop procrastinating and just pick.

Song 1 –

“Bring Me Some Water” by Melissa Etheridge.  I can still remember the precise time I heard this song, the first music of hers I had ever heard.  Sitting in my car at the lights, a hot summers day, and this blasted out of the radio, straight into my brain, bouncing right into my soul with its angst and guitars and desire and a tinge of aggression and despair.  It fitted right into what was happening to me at that time.  I fell in love with this musician, I bought her album, and every damn song on there was written just for me!  How did she know, this woman wrote the words that were in the very centre of me struggling to get out.  She sang them in her strong, gutsy voice and played those steel strings with every ounce of pain and love and perseverance that she had.

Since then I have bought all her albums, with only 1 exception, and they consistently reach out to me in a way that no other singer/songwriter has, clawing their way down to those feelings that I can’t express myself, and going “see, I understand”.  It was only many years later that I was made aware that she was gay, and she was singing about females, didn’t change one tiny bit the power of her words, the depth of her feelings, which should prove to every thinking person that gender orientation is nothing to get worked up about, that love and pain are the same for every human.

My 15 minutes is gone and I haven’t even started on the other 2 songs (which is lucky, cause I’m still not sure what they are).

Song 2 –

“My House” by Randy Travis – simply because it is true, and a great song to belt out with conviction.

“My house is filled with the things that I love, from her smile in the morning, to her soft, good night hugs, her whisper, her laughter, everything that she does, my house is filled with the things that I love.”

Song 3 –

“Never Gonna Love Again” – Anastacia.  Soul destroying truth to me.

Honourable mention to “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd – gotta have some Floyd in your life.






16 responses to “Writing 101 – Day 3: Meaningful Music”

  1. ‘How did she know, this woman wrote the words that were in the very centre of me struggling to get out.’ A wonderful description of the effect that good writing/song-writing has on our hearts.


    1. Yes, and she does it so well, time after time, every damn song.


    2. So true.

      I’m so gonna check her music out, thanks for the recommendation!


      1. Let me know what you think of her, I’d be interested


  2. Definitely gotta have Pink Floyd:D


  3. Ahh, love that song!! Might have to look it up tomorrow and sing along. Great music. 🙂


    1. Guessing you mean the second one? Or not!


      1. No, Mel Etheridge actually!


        1. Hope you enjoy her then.


  4. I have listened to all!! Never come across Melissa Etheridge before, I is liking!! Some lyrics catch you like that. Closer by Travis is one of those for me. I’ve had enough, of this parade!! 😀


    1. You is good girl! You be liking, I be liking, we all be liking, Is liking frenzy.!
      I be learning speaking proper soon to be doing. 🙂


      1. I is howling!! You is cheeky mare!! 😀


        1. You be wolf? Me be confused, thinking you be witchy voodoo, cat patting magic woman? Now you four legged, hairy, night creature? Explaining, please be, so enlightenment brings thoughts happy and good me to!


          1. Hahahah!! I only be wolf at full moon!! Rest of time I be broom riding spellcaster!! You be hilarious!! Never again normal speaking I not may!!! 😀


            1. Head twisting is my mind, silliness be middle name mine.


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