Weekly Random Photos

8 responses to “Weekly Random Photos”

  1. Lovely photos!! Amazing rainbow, we don’t get many of those here!! Love that bowl!! That has enspired me!! Have photos I MUST take!! 🙂


    1. I have had a very UNinspiring day – had to run away for several hours to try and escape the blurg, and managed to get these pics 5 minutes before I got home.
      Still fighting the good fight


  2. Great photos, especially the rainbow, and the black and white really grabbed me.


    1. Thanks Meredith. Actually didn’t take any black and white, it was just a result of looking into the sun, nature did it for me.


  3. I love them all, but the one with the yacht on the lake is simply stunning. I have a photo somewhere with a double rainbow on it, which I hear is suppose to bring good luck. I think shortly after I took it, I won £10 on the lottery. I’m still hunting those double rainbows.


    1. I’ve seen a couple, but the never provided any special luck (not that I noticed anyway), but maybe they did, and it was something that wouldn’t have happened (like not having a alien ship land in my front yard and squash the cat). That would be good luck 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, but the rainbow is spectacular!


    1. Thanks, it was a happy coincidence.


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