A Visitor

In honour of your visit
I “swiffered” all my floors
I drew the line at dusting
as it’s always such a bore

I hung out all the washing
and then I brought it in
I even washed the dishes
and emptied out the bin

I stripped my bed and made it
with sheets so clean and fresh
I tidied all the messy bits
then had a little rest

I had my lunch and coffee
then tidied a bit more
I hear your car, your footsteps
now you’re standing at my door

It’s been ages since I’ve seen you
your looking nice and tanned
you’ve been away on holiday
and it has done you grand

It’s good to have a visit
from my sister now and then
to have a chat and catch up
with a “do you remember when?”

© ceenoa

12 responses to “A Visitor”

  1. I only clean up properly when expecting visitors. I can barely drag myself away form the computer long enough for the ordinary stuff like washing clothes and mopping the floors. 😀


    1. Well, housework is just boring, and so repetitive.


  2. G’day Claudette,

    , Being a real fan of rhyming poetry and it is rarely written anymore.I so enjoyed that it was was so refreshing


    1. Thank you Muzzy. I love to do rhymes. Haven’t done any “upbeat” ones for a while as winter has been pressing on me this year. so it was nice for this one to pop into my head.


    2. Perhaps you would like to look at my mums blog, she does rhyming poetry too. If you wish to, here is her link


  3. loved the poem and the sentiment too. {So it isn’t only MOAA that gets you into “cleaning mode” eh?}


    1. Ah, suppose not, sometimes. 🙂


  4. Maybe that lady who likes rhyming poetry can look at my blog sometime, she might find one or two to her liking?


    1. Oh,just realised who you meant. I will pass it on to her.


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