Moon River


On the way back from getting pizza for tea this evening, the moon was rising over the river.
It was beautiful.
Sadly, out of a dozen shots, only these 2 remained.

9 responses to “Moon River”

  1. An excellent pair of photos Claudette. I love the play of the moonlight on the water and the clouds.


    1. To see it in reality wash just glorious. The photos are not anywhere near what it looked like.


  2. Don’t know what the “lost” pics must have been like but I thought these were great!


    1. Thanks. The lost ones were too blurry as I put the camera on night, and even though I sat it on the car roof, there was too long a delay in the shutter so they were blurred. I was sad, as there were some lovely ones in those.


  3. An excellent pAir !


  4. Great pictures!


    1. Thank you Kat. It was breathtaking in reality, the moon was so huge and the shine across the water so silvery.


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