I am a cat, I sleep, I eat
my day is full of this and that
I stretch and yawn
sleep on the lawn
my life is so exhausting.

The woman leaves and then returns
I really wish that she would learn
that when I meow “please feed me now”
I do not want to hear her growl
“it’s not teatime yet, you silly cat”.

I’m not sure how she can ignore
my fluffy face pressed to the door
my polite, quiet, patient asking
which successfully is masking
my voracious need for food.

Eventually she rarafeeds me
my pathetic dab of tea
I’d like to see her live on this
It’s not enough to fill my dish
my reward for being meek.

 I stroll slowly round the garden
stalk the other cat and then
after such a long traumatic day
I curl up tightly in the doorway
to have a little nap.




© ceenoa

3 responses to “RaRa”

  1. Oh, I wish I was a cat. Life just looks so easy for them. Unfortunately, I don’t think Toby would like me if I were a cat.
    Great read and I’m guessing that is your cat?


    1. Yes, this is one of my 2 cats. Actually they belong one each to my daughters, but I call them mine. They walk with me all around the garden if I am doing anything out there.


  2. Just about what RaRa would say!


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