Coffee in the Evening

I know I shouldn’t drink coffee,
this late in the afternoon,
it will keep me alight,
through all hours of the night,
and make me howl at the moon.

but oh, it is so warm and frothy,
all milk, and creamly divine,
I sip it all steaming,
I’ll forfeit my dreaming,
for this seldom drunk pleasure of mine.


6 responses to “Coffee in the Evening”

  1. Yes, I know that feeling but with me it’s chocolate, hot and milky!


    1. I like that too, but coffee called to me tonight.


  2. I have to say I’m with SkybrightI on the chocolate. I’m a tea man during the day, not really a coffee drinker, yet I love coffee flavoured chocolate and cake!


    1. I’m the opposite, can’t stand the flavour in anything but my vanilla latte – Nescafe of course. The vagaries of humankind.


  3. Dammit, now I want a coffee and I have already had one today 🙂 I do coffee in the mornings and tea in the afternoon, rarely do I have a hot chocolate, but when I do it is a glorious luxury yummo!
    I like you do not enjoy coffee flavoured things, proper tiramisu though can be disgustingly heavenly!!!


    1. Life is full of glorious inconsistencies. My favourite hot chocolate is WHITE, it is so silky, with lots of marshmallows.


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