One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua

A trio of simple jewellery I created with Polymer Clay in a major tone of Aqua

Aqua stitched

11 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua”

  1. Very, very nice, Claudette. I’m still scratching my head for something aqua around here.


    1. Thanks Christine. it’s not a common colour really, is it?


    1. thanks, thanks, thanks 🙂


  2. These are so beautiful! They really look like stones rather than polymer clay. You are very talented. Do you sell your pieces?


    1. I do try to sell, I have a website if you’re interested, and these are on it.
      Thank you for your nice compliment re my talent 🙂


      1. I would love to see what all you have for sale. Send me the link?


        1. Hi Jennifer, here is the address:

          thanks you for asking.


  3. I really love the silver pendant, beautiful colours! I would be interested in checking out your website!


    1. My website is:

      hope you like what you see. Many thanks for asking.


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