Brown Water

I love it when the water’s brown,
I run the bath and sink right down,
for water from the sky is fine,
it doesn’t smell of pool chlorine.

On other days when it is clear,
I turn the tap and live in fear,
of the pervading water smell,
full of noxious, added chem-i-cal.

© ceenoa 29/7/2014

5 responses to “Brown Water”

  1. That is very nice!


    1. Thank you. We are having a bit of a storm here, so am looking forward to some nice “clean” brown water. 🙂


  2. I really like your poetry. So much so, that I may just give it a go myself. I hope the storm passed quickly. We had one heck of a one yesterday, bringing our long hot humid spell to an end.


    1. thanks for that lovely compliment Hugh, I would love to see some. I enjoy it because I can be a silly as I like. We have just settled in to a long spell of wet, wild weather, but you have to expect that in winter.


      1. You do indeed. Here in the UK, our last winter was the wettest wildest winter ever. I’d never seen so much rain in my life and the wind was so strong, I thought the roof of the house was going to come off the night before Christmas Eve. Fortunately, it stayed on, so Father Christmas could come the chimney 😉


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