Weekly Random Photos

In honour of the weather this week, here are some long ago “Snow Days”.

7 responses to “Weekly Random Photos”

  1. I don’t like the cold but I do miss the snow…..


    1. I like it, from a warm distance mostly 🙂


  2. Oh, I love snowy pictures and I love the snow as well. It just makes everything look so fresh and clean until, that is, it turns to slush. That snowman/person looks so cool…excuse the pun! 🙂


    1. Actually, she is a snow lady, can you not see the bumpy bits? And she is going skiing in her apron!


      1. You know I was not a 100% sure, so thats why I added snow person in as well. She looks a very pretty snowlady. So have you had snow this week then?


        1. Last Friday, had to leae work early to come home as was snowing heavily on the highway at highest point – got detoured round the long, low way. But it didn’t last long, and it didn’t settle down where I live. The snow photos were taken in other houses I lived in, but one of them (2005) is about the same altitude as where I live now. We have had a very mild winter here, and not looking like we will get snow this time.


          1. Sounds as if your winter was much like our last one here in the UK, wet, mild and very windy. I do like snow and always feel left out if we don’t get at least one good fall of it during the winter.


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