Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #11

Interesting choice of words for this weeks challenge, this is what immediately came to mind

– spoken in robotic manner-

Psycho drive broken
engage logical function
sanity return

© ceenoa

8 responses to “Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #11”

  1. I really like this one and yes I did do it in a robotic voice 😉


  2. I so went sci fi with it. I was either a Borg or Data from Star Trek. Now this was cool. Very good ‘voice’ in this one. And that is difficult to do with so few words.
    Serious Respect


    1. Oh, thanks so much Ronovan, what lovely words. It just seemed to be what the prompts required. I love it when words happen like that.


  3. Oh and I didn’t even notice the spoken in robotic manner part until now.

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  4. […] of to search and to find happiness in every day : “I so went sci fi with it. I was either a Borg or Data from Star […]


    1. It’s the robotic voice that makes it :). Thank you for your positive comment.


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