Pelican Quartet

On the way to work this morning I couldn’t resist taking photos of the pelicans, usually they are much further out in the river.  I ‘d love to know what happened between the 2 shots – think they got told to “Pull your head in”

Pelicans (3)

Pelicans on Huon River, Tasmania
Pelicans on Huon River, Tasmania

4 responses to “Pelican Quartet”

  1. So serene and tranquil! You have a lovely route to work. But lol – – what you wrote was funny, it’s almost like someone yelled at them what they shout out when you’re arrested and you have to turn to each side in front of the measuring chart. Something I’d know nothing about, of course. 😉

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    1. It is a lovely drive, I love looking to see what the river will show each day.


  2. They look like gentlemen with waistcoats on. Servers at the newest restaurant maybe?

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    1. They are interesting. Sometimes they are not there and then I do wonder where they go, I guess it must be out to sea for a take away meal 🙂


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