365 Days

Today is 365 days since my first post.  When I began I wasn’t sure how long my enthusiasm would last, but here I am, still finding it interesting.

Some numbers I thought I would check at the 1 year anniversary:

Apparently there are 305 lovely people out there that have pressed the “follow” button.
I have posted 371 times – this will be number 372!
I have written (and posted) 108 poems/verse this year – which is more than all my other life writings combined.
I have 71 posts containing approximately 724 photos.
I have participated in 2079 comments – that’s a lot of typing 🙂

 Happy 365 days to me.

14 responses to “365 Days”

  1. Wow! I am seriously impressed with your prolific talent. And you’re such a supportive follower too. Congrats on this awesome milestone. Very glad out paths “crossed” here!

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    1. Thanks Stephanie. I was quite surprised by the amount of poetry I wrote, and the photos are more than I have ever taken in a 2 year span! I’m glad we crossed too, and so glad we don’t get cross 🙂


  2. What an impressive collection of numbers! I don’t know how you do it, but well done.

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    1. Thanks Juli – I just post when the mood takes me, I am a bit erratic, but it is fun and I think that’s how the numbers added up. Fun 🙂

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  3. Many congratulations, Claudette, and Happy Blog Anniversary.

    You are way ahead of me in the number of posts published, and I’m looking forward to another year ahead with you, here on WordPress.

    Keep up the brilliant work.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. I am having fun, and while it is fun, I will be here. 🙂

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  4. Happy blogversary to you, Claudette. You are so right, that’s a lot of typing but what a lot of fun!


    1. Thanks Jill. Just grateful that I am not a “writer” as such. I get amazed at how many bloggers write longer pieces. Too much typing for me.

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  5. Happy Blogoversary, Claudette! Hooray!

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    1. Thanks Nate. Doesn’t seem like a year has gone past already.


  6. Happy Anniversary, Claudette!

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  7. Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

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    1. Thanks marigold, it has been a great year, full of meeting new peoples here i Blogland.


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