Random Photos – Week 12/15

On Wednesday I left home early for work, and stopped at Franklin and took some photos.

Seagulls on Jetty
Seagulls on Jetty

This is my favourite shot of the morning, I love the misty pale colours of the far shore, the waves lapping against the jetty, and the little morning cluster of seagulls.

Red Yacht
Red Yacht

I couldn’t resist the flash of the red yacht against the misty hills.

Seagull Flying
Seagull Flying

Some of the seagulls started to fly off and I managed to capture this one, but I admit to having to do a bit of editing to get the photo to look smooth.  (I had a massive “will I – won’t I” argument with myself about doing so much noise reduction, but in the end I figured it was my photo and I should do what I want with it, it doesn’t have to be “Real Life” all the time).

Two Big One Little
Two Big One Little

Just a short way further up the road the Pelicans often sit on this log, sometimes as many as 5 will be there.  This morning there were only two, and a smaller fly-in-friend.

White Egret
White Egret

The photo was taken on Friday afternoon -on my way home.  I saw him in the water out of the corner of my eye as I approached the bay, luckily for me, even though he flew off from the water when I stopped, he didn’t go far.

Hope your week was full of calm, with a hint of colour to liven it up.

8 thoughts on “Random Photos – Week 12/15

    • Claudette 22/03/2015 / 9:21 am

      Thanks Hugh, NO, I dislike boats, particularly boats on water that make me seasick or river-sick, or little-pond-sick. I just like red. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Claudette 26/03/2015 / 8:08 am

      It shows well against the river I thought.


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