Random Photos – Week 19/15

9 responses to “Random Photos – Week 19/15”

  1. Thanks for lovely pics. Glad You find time to exercise your talent with the camera!

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    1. Thanks to you for commenting, and giving me inspiration. I remember your early camera days.


  2. Lovely shots–makes me want to get my camera out more!!

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    1. Thanks, that is a great compliment.


  3. I love them all, Claudette, but that Parrot Beak flower is something I’ve never ever seen or heard of before. Just beautiful!

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Yes, I found it at the nursery, and bought it because of the lovely flower. Can’t remember it’s latin name at them moment. Hope it survives the winter.

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      1. Me to. It would brighten up any grey morning.

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  4. Love the lacy web, stunning.

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