One Word Photo Challenge: Storm


11 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Storm”

  1. Outside scary, inside good. great pic!

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    1. was from last year at Alonnah jetty


  2. A great image. I love storms, when I’m safe inside – being out in them or driving in them is another story. And I love how you relate this feeling to that of the self.

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  3. I’m hung up on the meaning of ’11 years on’? Something I should know if I visited here more often, no doubt!

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    1. It was a reference to the anniversary of my Husbands Death, so I don’t think you would have known that. (Nice to see your face again).

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      1. Ah, thanks for that. I knew it would be personal because that’s the way your poems work. Sad to lose him so young.

        I wanted to catchup on some blogs today and decided to use the Reader and there you were – first, pondering the merits of cheesy moonlight! I couldn’t think beyond the sun melting such a moon and we would all have to stay indoors on moonlit nights – lactose notwithstanding. LOL. 😀

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        1. I do think of some weird things sometimes 🙂 Now I can smell the warm melted cheese from the sun and I’m thinking about cheese on toast – which I can’t have for ages yet – darn!

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          1. Well, you are nearly up to the chewing food level soon. Hold that thought.

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            1. Yes, soon I will chomp again! 🙂

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