Not a Haiku: Loud & Silence

The loudness of empty may overwhelm the silence of fulfillment.

(Not a Haiku for the Challenge, just a thought I left too late)

© ceenoa

7 responses to “Not a Haiku: Loud & Silence”

    1. Thanks Karen, for your lovely words of support.

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  1. That’s beautifully worded.

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    1. Thanks Christine, sometimes words work for me, other times not so much. How’s your re-draft coming?

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      1. I’ve gone back to scratch. Just finished transferring my scene notes to proper index cards. I’m doing triage – scene by scene – to see what needs to be done. Thanks for asking.

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        1. Wow, that sounds like a big job. Hope it goes well for you. I just don’t have the commitment to writing lots and lots of words and having them make sense – hence poetry for me 🙂


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