Feature Friday

Be on the lookout for a good weekend.

Egrets on Roof
Egrets on Roof

7 responses to “Feature Friday”

    1. Sometimes there is a whole flock in the paddock, but they are too far away to get, so when they land on the roof shed I am very happy.

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  1. They seem very nervous birds to me, always fly away before I can get close enough for a good photo.

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    1. I think they are, but he/she was up a high tree and I used the zoom. 🙂


      1. I use a zoom too but lose quality so am often disappointed when I see the image on my computer. Yours was nice and crisp.

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        1. I’m always careful not to zoom past the “hardware” and into the software zoom settings. Even then sometimes it pixellates and I have to ditch it.


  2. Beautiful balanced shot, almost as if they were posing.

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