Comment Notification Issues in WordPress

Is anyone else having troubles with their comment notifictions (accessed from the bell icon)?

The last 2 days when I go to acknowledge a comment, as soon as I click on the box to open it and start trying to type, it pops back away to the side panel, then it takes about another 15 seconds to load again before it actually lets my type anything in it.

It’s driving me bonkers!!!!!!

7 responses to “Comment Notification Issues in WordPress”

  1. I’ve had the same issue. V frustrating!

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    1. I hope they fix it soon.


  2. Hi Claudette, a number of bloggers have recently commented on a post I published on Saturday that they are having problems when using the Notification icon. Both said that not all notifications are showing up there. I think this is yet another bug fix for the WordPress engineers.

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    1. Yes, hope they fix it soon, it’s doing my head in.

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  3. I havn’t noticed it, but I’m not here often.

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    1. It is still doing it for me, you just blipped out for about 10 seconds from me liking your post to being able to actually type this reply.


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