Random Photos – Week 35/15

6 responses to “Random Photos – Week 35/15”

  1. A lovely selection of images. Cute duck. The inverted wattle is very interesting.

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    1. Thanks Ruth, yes I liked the wattle a lot, just different colours than you get in reality. I admit the wild ducks are one of my favourites, they have such interesting faces.


  2. Agreed, the inverted wattle is very nice, but I’m also fond of the iced leaves, with that defined ridge running through the middle…

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    1. Thanks Brian, I liked the way the ice had “blobbed” – and yes, that is the technical word-of-the-month from me – on the leaf. No idea what the plant is, but it has some nice architectural shapes when it flowers too.


    1. Thank you very much, nice words are always appreciated. 🙂


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