Random Photos – Week 36/15

8 responses to “Random Photos – Week 36/15”

  1. Great, but I especially love the birdbath picture!

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    1. yes, I was quite pleased with that one. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  2. Fantastic images Claudette especially that Foggy Huon Valley morning shot.

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    1. Thanks Denis, that shot was my front yard, and it led to a beautiful blue sky day.


  3. I also like the misty morning and the lovely coral coloured seaweed. Nice selection.

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    1. Thanks Ruth. The red seaweed was a lovely splash amidst all the brown bull kelp.


  4. Loved the misty morning, the hellebore is fantastic, and the grape hyacinths just beautiful. I need to explore more of what this old camera can do I think!

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    1. Yes, although it is really just exploring a different way to look at what is there, and using my zoom to get closer.


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