Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #62: Start & Hot – Life Cycle of an Arguement

The start of hot words
fuelled by relentless pride
the cold end was mute

© ceenoa

7 responses to “Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #62: Start & Hot – Life Cycle of an Arguement”

  1. ARGH! I know that far too well!

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    1. T’was only a writing ploy this time, as I don’t have anyone to argue with these days.


      1. Wow!

        Wait.. does that mean you have loads of awesome friends who don’t argue, or no one to talk to much at all, and therefore also not argue..?

        You can have some of my argument partners if you want?

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  2. A very connecting haiku, very true!

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  3. […] Claudette: Life Cycle of an Arguement | to search and to find. Very nice. And very true. I know of people in this right now and it does not end well. […]

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