Random Photos – Week 28/15

8 responses to “Random Photos – Week 28/15”

  1. Love the way the duck came out, the spot of green looks great. I don’t think I would have noticed that when we saw him if you hadn’t pointed it out.
    daffies look good!

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    1. Lots more our now in lovely big clumps, so looking very spring here now.


  2. Beautiful flowers on a sunny day. Glad you shared the photos and also the names. I may be asking you about some of the flowers I don’t recognise. (I do know daffs !) Our neighbour gave me a couple of stunning waratah flowers from their garden, I wouldn’t have known what they were if she hadn’t told me.

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    1. I love Waratah – but they are a bit touchy to grow, although they seem to do well out in the bush. There is a place just south of Franklin that grows them.

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  3. Oh and the duck is very cute too.

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  4. They’re all beautiful.

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate your kind words.


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