Random Photos – Week 48/15

8 responses to “Random Photos – Week 48/15”

  1. A nice collection Claudette. Love the close ups. And he fountain in Salamanca Place.

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    1. Yes, the splashes were lovely on the warm day I was there.

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      1. Ruth answered my question about the water feature. Lovely collection of photos, love the bee and cobweb.

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        1. I love the blur of the bees wings, he was hovering all around the flowers.

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  2. Photographing moving water is my biggest challenge – you challenge me further with that amazing shot of the fountain (amongst a gallery of entirely amazing shots btw!)

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    1. Thanks. I love the bubbles in the splashes and wanted to capture the feel of the day – warm air, cool water, sun. I’m glad you enjoyed my photos.

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  3. Splish Splash! Lovely!

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