Resist the Liebster – Innoculation Works!

Brian from Bonnywood Manor nominated me in this post (and how could I resist a post with a title like that) for a Liebster Award.

Since I’ve had  6 nominations during the time that I’ve been blogging – and I undertook serious Inoculation to stop being re-infected –  I decided just to answer his questions without following the rest of the rules – such a rebel child I am!

Brian’s 11 Questions for the Bloggers Nominated:

1. Do you spend a lot of time editing a post, or do you simply bang it out and think “well, that should do it”?

Well, that depends on how neurotic I am feeling on the day – sometimes I just like to be a free spirit – other times I am striving to be obsessively perfect in presentation and probably not making it!

2. Do you get anxious when you get a notification that someone has made a comment on one of your posts, wondering if this person liked it or if they said something that cuts?

Nope.  I post for me – if anyone else likes it that is a bonus.  Of course, I do obsess about how others might interpret my comments.

3. What actor/actress would portray you in a Lifetime movie about that time you did something you shouldn’t have?

Some totally unknown, minor actress – fits me to a tee!

4. Have you ever deleted a post, thinking maybe you shouldn’t have said what you did?

I think I did, once.  I tend to steer clear of controversial anyway.

5. (This one has a multi-part answer, brace yourself.) Do you spend a lot of time figuring out what tags you should use with a post? Does it annoy you when you see another writer’s post that has 472 tags, indicating they are trying to hit every demographic on the planet even though their post doesn’t address 471 of those tags?

To be truthful I don’t pay any attention to tags on posts (unless of course I am searching for something).  I just tag whatever springs to mind, if it works it’s good, if it doesn’t …

6. How many incomplete posts do you have in the “maybe I’ll finish this later” folder on your hard drive?

None.  Think it, post it, move on.

7. Have you ever participated in one of those “post your work and let others critique it” sites, such as Niume, Scriggler and Writer’s Beat? If so, was it helpful or soul-damaging?

No – why do I care what others think about what I post?  As I said in Q2 – I post for me.

8. Have you never been mellow?

Only right after my babies were born – Birth Hormones are Great!!!!!!

9. If you were stranded on a deserted island, would you rather have a Kindle (assuming the island has Wi-Fi) or an endless supply of paper and pencils?

Assuming there is a powerpoint to recharge it -Kindle.  Otherwise an unending supply of food would probably suffice.  (What the heck do you do with paper and pencils?)

10. Are there any authors whose next book you would buy without any hesitation?

Erma Bombeck (however I think it unlikely she will be newly publishing from beyond the grave) or Pam Ayres – who can resist a great laugh.  My buying style is just browse Kindle till something sparks my interest.

11. Are you happy?

On the everyday kind of level – Yes. On the Soul Completeness level – about 2/3rds there with my children, but I’m missing the final 1/3rd because my husband died over 12 years ago.

26 responses to “Resist the Liebster – Innoculation Works!”

  1. Hey, Claudette. Thank you very much for posting this, and I really enjoyed your responses. It seems that we think dangerously alike sometimes. In fact, I came THIS CLOSE to saying in my own post, “if you only feel like answering the questions, go ahead and do just that part”. This is the bit that interests me the most. Okay, that’s a partial lie. I’m also very invested in the “random things about me” part, but they’re kind of the same thing, if you approach both concepts with the right attitude. I also loved Erma Bombeck, and I can honestly say that she was one of my inspirations for taking ordinary, even mundane situations and turning them into something extraordinarily different, a writing theme that I draw from constantly. I will have to seek out Pam Ayres, as I actually haven’t heard of this person, apparently to my discredit. Thanks again!

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    1. Pam Ayres is a British Poet (of ordinary, everyday happenings) with a very funny way). You actually need to hear her reciting some of her poetry to get the best out of it – her accent and the way she reads them is just great.

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  2. Enjoyed your answers Claudette! i too love Erma Bombeck – but I’d forgotten this fact so will dip into her again. Pam ayres is always good for a laugh, althouh the squashed and dead and flat hedgehogs have more of a sense of pathos when driving around England!

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    1. Yep, wouldn’t want to actually see them hedgehogs, but listening to her poetry was a great memory from my younger years, and often I try to write something Pammish.


  3. I really enjoyed reading the questions and your answers to them. The last has, of course, touched me deeply.

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    1. Ah, it is something that I have become accustomed too over the years I guess, but every now and then I really think about it – and I know I am lacking that which completes me. It’s still a very good life, and this year I will be a Granma for the first time, so another small portion of happiness will be added to my collection. 🙂

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      1. Congratulations Granny-to-be …. I am certain the loss of your husband can never be compensated but it will be wonderful to see the (cliché alert) circle of life growing wider.

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        1. :0 That it will. Life does go on, and you cannot fight against it, so best to accept and gently float along, watching out for the occasional section of rapids.

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          1. the best advice I ever had was from an Irish friend when my eldest daughter was about 18 months. ‘Go with it’ he said. Such simple advice but it works in life – resistence is surely futile 🙂

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  4. An interesting post Claudette. I feel I know a little bit more about you now. I must admit I had to google Erma Bombeck. I must take a look at her work.

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    1. 🙂 She’s well worth reading – haven’t seen anything of hers for a long time, but used to be a column in one of the women’s magazines which I always enjoyed and laughed at.

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  5. Think it, post it, move on.. Erma Bombeck.. what do I care what others think of me.. I post for me..
    These answers are why I find you in the same league with my favorite bloggers..
    Charming wit, drawing images with words, very handy with the camera and sharing these talents with those who appreciate them.. 👍

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    1. Thanks Pan, that is very nice of you to say so. Glad you find my little bit of the bog world appealing to you.

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  6. But that icon is downright scary that you pin on us who lack profile pics 😂

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    1. Ok, based on feedback I shall go an change it (if I can remember how to do that) 🙂

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        1. I have changed it back to the default, but it was interesting to see that the icon shown here for you is NOT actually the one I had listed as my choice. My choice was a smiley face in a circle – so that’s a bit weird. Anyway, I can see why you would be alarmed – it’s not exactly pleasant looking.

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          1. Oh my gosh, that’s kind of unsettling, a scary icon randomly landing on someone.. Am I the only one who had it ? If not that’s still weird because you didn’t choose it.. If it happened on my blog, I’d be asking support about it..Mainly because I’m interested in how it could happen and only mildly concerned because glitches do happen.. Technology 😂

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            1. Probably somehing to do with the them I have – maybe makes icons appear in a different way? I didn’t notice the icon on comments because I peruse my comments from the reader page – not on my actual post page.

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              1. It is funny though.. it was as much of a surprise to you as it was to me

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                  1. Is it emotograh day ? If you remember the last comment I made about it, I can hardly wait ! 😄

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yes, Pan, it is emotograph day 🙂 🙂

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          2. Wow and it didn’t do the smiley either, really odd..

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  7. Btw, you’re going to laugh at my next emotograh submission, Its done and ready and I have to wait 😣 days until the new week begins ! And that is why you’ll laugh 😄

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    1. Ok, it’s good to laugh, now I have something to look forward too. 🙂

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